Hello everyone, I hope you are looking forward to spending time with your family for the holidays. I always look forward to this time of year in real estae because it gives real estate agents some down time. I am sure that everyone has noticed the market increased drastically over the past year, but over the past 2 months, things have really cooled off. Back in June, July, and August, it felt like 2005 again. Bidding wars, Hedge Funds with more cash to throw around than they knew what do do with, and buyers with financing were trying to figure out how to make their offers look more appealing than the cash offers on the table. It seems like the Hedge Funds created at false market, but things have really slowed. The hedgefunds are not buying homes like they were. They really helped  many homeowners that were under water come back up from the depths and put some equity back in their homes. This time of year when we move towards the holidays, more people focus more on planning for the holidays and buying gifts instead of buying homes. This is a great time for buyers to buy right now. Inventory is back up and homes are taking a little longer to go under contract and sell. Now buyers can step back because there is not a huge rush to put a full price offer on anything that looks appealing and can be more analytical, instead of making a rash decision. Interest rates are still low and lenders have loosened up on financing guidelines. Kepp your eyes peeled!! There may be a great deal for you!!! Hope everone enjoys my little rant. Please feel free to comment on the post. I really like peoples insight!!!